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Alice Mocellin


Born in Milan in ’74, she lived in Veneto and in Paris until the age of 20. In 2004 she graduates with a Physical Science degree to fall back on. During the years of the University she works at “Pensare con le mani”, a no-profit association for the children of Stadera district in Milan, affiliated with “Reggio Children”.
She lives for a short time in NY, where she takes part in many collective painting and sculpture exhibitions.
She’s also engaged in some exhibitions in Milan until 2004.
Between 2004-2005 she attends Scuola Civica del Cinema di Milano.
In 2005 she wins a funding at the Ministry for a short film.
2005-2008 she lives in Mexico, in Oaxaca, where she participates in collective videoart exhibitions
In 2008 she comes back to Italy, becomes mom and works on metallic installations.

The transformation of the matter brings the idea of life in itself. Birth, growth/transformation and death.
Iron is hard, dense, strong and sharp, and at the same time ductile, soft and fragile.
When it rusts it shows the caducity of a being which is going through its death, its transformation and reintegration as a chemical element in nature.
I love to embroider, sew, cutting and oxidate it, in order to try to overturn his chemistry.