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Il Fanale
il Fanale

Il Fanale

Back in 1979, in a small workshop close to the city of Treviso, Il Fanale came into being. The founders, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa, combine their passion for lighting with their artisan knowledge, with the mission of producing lamps of the highest quality. The choice to use precious materials such as brass, copper and glass creates a traditional style that, together with a peculiar oxidation process – whose formula is still handed down within the family – confers a unique and inimitable appearance.

The appreciation of the industry soon arrived, first in Italy and then abroad, where the value of craftsmanship, as an expression of Made in Italy, gained prestige.

Today IL FANALE sells in over 40 countries around the world, expanded the production from country to industrial and new decò style and developed contemporary collections with young designers from the Italian scene such as Cristina Celestino, Elena Salmistraro, Matteo Cibic, Brogliato Traverso, etc