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DESIGN + FOODTALKS⁠ with Marco Terzi / @resin_srl
Marco Terzi – A vision must be nourished by a great passion that renews itself day after day, with the experience and the desire to innovate and to progress. Resin is our vision: craftsmanship and Italian know-how are the basis on which our project is built, where the focus is firmly on resin itself. This is a material that underpins a world of possibilities and solutions: a pure material ready to be moulded, to be worked on with the wisdom of talented hands and the creative flair of an artist. And this is exactly what we do. ⁠
Since 2006, when our company was established, we have offered our idea of resin, a new idea where tradition meets innovation, an idea which is pursued every day in our laboratories: an inexhaustible journey, compelling and evolving to make increasingly current resin coatings. Interacting with space and its configurations gives us the opportunity to create different sensations each time, individually designed and therefore unique. The story of Resin is an Italian story. It revolves around beauty and exclusivity.
Here is what he prepared for you:
Crepes with salmon and zucchini
– n.2 zucchini
– n.1 shallot
– n.1 slice of fresh salmon
– 40 gr butter
– 250 gr. Crescenza cheese
– Salt
– Pepper
– ½ glass vodka
– n. 4 crepes
– 500 ml béchamel sause
Clean and cut the zucchini into small pieces. Fry them in a pan with half the butter and finely chopped shallot, seasoned with salt and pepper. Cook them until cooked but a leave them a bit al dente.
In another pan, put the remaining butter, diced salmon and cook for 3-4 minutes; adjust with salt and pepper and sip with vodka and let it evaporate.
Add the salmon to the zucchini.
Place the mixture on top of each crepe, add two tablespoons of béchamel sauce and a slice of crescenza. Roll up the creps and place them in a baking pan covered with baking paper, season with the remaining béchamel sauce and bake in a hot oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
Place and garnish with a sprinkling of pepper and thin slices of raw zucchini that you can cut using the potato peeler.