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Aubusson Rugs, Carpets and Tapestries since 1867

Art and tradition
As far back as the 15th Century, Pinton’s name has been synonymous with Aubusson tapestries. Ever since then, through the generations, the Pinton family has significantly contributed to this fabulous legacy and during the 19th Century, established its mill in Felletin, in the French region of the Creuse. In these workshops, our craftsmen perform the same meticulous artistry, with the same attention to detail to this very day. In doing so, they continue to weave our history in modern tapestry.

Art and design
By the skillful hands of our craftsmen, the advice of our consultants, the creativity of our designers and dyers and the desire of our customers, the character of our rugs is truly understood! We are the heirs and custodians of a cultural tradition that has always collaborated with major artists. Works of Charles Le Brun, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Othoniel and of other renowned painters, architects and designers have left our looms.

Art and innovation
Our Maison being part of the Aubusson tapestry tradition, is also very present in the contemporary art world; a distant step from the old school of wool and silk wall hangings representing hunting scenes. Pinton puts forward its ancestral know-how as a local “Creuse” manufacturer and as a contemporary rug and tapestry designer for a variety of industries with high demands in aesthetic and technical skills. Whether in residential, aviation, yachting or hospitality industries: we don’t shy from a challenge!

Art and modernism
With our Haute Couture line of carpets and rugs, we offer excellence, innovation and uniqueness. With our ready-made collection, we address the needs of faster lead-time requirements, without compromising the care that we take in manufacturing. Comfort, beauty and durability remain the essential qualities of our creations. With its various collections, Pinton renews its commitment to work within our customers’ budget needs and expectations, from traditional tapestry lovers to more modern textile art admirers.

Art and material
Silk and wool are the most popular yarns that we work with. But linen, cotton, bamboo, leather, vinyl or lurex can be also intertwined within the threads of our pieces of works. With our expertise of ancestral Aubusson weaving tradition and technical innovations, craftsmanship, local yarn spinning and dyers as well as our international reputation: At Pinton, we love to create lasting ties within our community and customer relationships.

History and expertise
150 years of perfection have led PINTON to become one of the most renowned names in exceptional carpets, rugs and tapestries. The works produced by the “basse lisse” looms of our Felletin workshops have helped popularise the art of French textile making around the world. The PINTON family have always had a passion for the art of weaving. From 1867 to the present day, this passion, combined with the age-old expertise of their artisans, has spun a promising and innovative future. With excellence and creativity their only boundaries, PINTON has brought the Aubusson tradition into the modern era. The company is divided in two entities – PINTON Manufacture, dedicated to luxury interior design, and PINTON Editions, devoted to contemporary art. With this, the family company is rapidly gaining international visibility, showcasing French
expertise in the art of weaving.

Renowned around the world for its tapestries, Aubusson has also always produced rugs. PINTON’s artisans in Felletin traditionally made knot-pile carpets. In a move to modernise, PINTON has now introduced the technique of tufting using a hand tufting gun. PINTON is the only manufacturer in France to offer this quality of tufted carpet, alongside its hand knotted carpets. PINTON carpets continue the tradition of Aubusson, using local wool and very fine threads, usually used in the production of tapestries. PINTON is therefore able to offer exceptional carpets with infinite subtlety – bespoke, tufted, hand knotted carpets in a huge variety of materials. PINTON can adapt its expertise and technical prowess to the demands of interior design professionals and private customers.

Spotlight on rugs
Typical of the Aubusson style, these exceptional rugs are a combination of creativity and age-old expertise from the PINTON company. Like the tapestries, the low-pile rugs are made by hand on “basse-lisse” style looms. From hand-tufting to the hand-knotting technique technique, the artisans in our Felletin workshops are highly skilled in all forms of hand weaving. They use only the very best materials and rely on the customised techniques of local spinning and dyeing companies. All the natural fibres are specially spun and dyed to sample
in the workshop. The wool and silk can be combined with metallic threads, leather or vinyl. Linen, cotton or bamboo are woven into velvet or loop pile. We can combine even the most diverse range of materials, allowing us to offer our customers unique, bespoke pieces. PINTON works in close collaboration with artists, architects or interior designers to design original pieces.