Bordeaux Flower Vase

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Blowing glass vase crafted in Italy and designed by Natalia Criado.
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Bordeaux Flower Vase

Designed by Natalia Criado as a continuation of her Wonder Crystals project, this series of blown-glass wares was created by a Tuscan family enterprise established in the 1800s.
Composed by colorful vases of different shapes and sizes, these pieces can be used as salt
and pepper containers, oil and vinegar bottles, or as flower and fruit vases. The green,
blue, and amber colors of the glass, together with the play of geometric shapes that built
the pieces, evoke an encounter between 19th century artisanal practices and modern design.

Blowing glass made in Italy – Bordeaux color

  • Size: H 30 x D 10 cm
  • Materials: Glass
  • No assembly required
  • Design: Natalia Criado
  • Delivery time: 15 days

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