Free-Standing Carabottino Mirror

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A clever game of full and empty spaces makes this object mysterious and fascinating. The geometric wooden mesh of this mirror creates new reflections vi- sible from every angle when closed. As soon as it is opened Carabottino reveals itself, an elegant mirror ideal for sophisticated residences and hotel rooms.
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Free-Standing Carabottino Mirror

A wooden grating in a two-dimensional form traditionally made with woo- den slats, it is considered an accessory element, of relative importance, somewhat like window and door frames, an architectural component that is not perceived as an object in itself – there are no Carabottino objects or Carabottinos that have become objects.

Its graphic appearance, a con- sequence of its construction logic, makes it recognizable and punctuated by vertical and horizontal intersections; the interplay of full and empty spaces, of images that overlap and are filtered through their weave makes them vibrant, as if they were moving paintings.

  • Dimension: H 190 L 117 W 38 cm
  • Materials: Canaletto walnut
  • No assembly required
  • Design: Cara Davide
  • Manufacturer: Medulum
  • Customizable: yes
  • Available: 5 weeks

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Weight 50 kg