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A Toupie is a storage column, whose elements ( BOX) rotate on an off-centre axis.
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This name evokes a toy, but also entertainment, almost a sport, an art of spinning, mastering rotation and maintaining balance. Traces of spinning tops have been found in China since ancient times.
Today, a TOUPIE is a storage column, whose elements ( BOX) rotate on an off-centre axis.

A TOUPIE is: a floor plate, a central steel axle, BOXes, a ceiling plate, all “stuck” (**) between the floor and the ceiling, two, 3, 4, 5 (or more) square metal BOXes with 38 sides, 38 cm deep, are installed (slid) on this central axis.
An industrial bearing between each element ensures perfect rotation.
Once it is upright, well placed vertically, it is stuck between the floor and the ceiling… and all you have to do is fill it up!
Once installed, thanks to the fact that its axis is off-centre, the TOUPIE can be given a vertical linear shape, or other geometric shapes in space, and rotate them according to its desires.


The TOUPIE will be dressed in the chosen colour, in the wide RAL palette. Other possible choices: matt, satin or structured colour (like a fine grain of sand)
The box is made of stainless steel, made in 2 pieces, assembled. The BOX can have the same color, or each half a different color.
A TOUPIE is majestic in single-colour, in accordance with its environment, can become discreet if one wants to assimilate it to the environment, but can also, dressed in two, three (and more) colours, assert itself, show itself, become a presence….


A TOUPIE can be used in the “Office” area, in the “Home” area, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the bathroom In a corner, along a wall, in the middle of a room………… as long as there is a ceiling!
It can be equipped with swivelling trays, and the BOXes can be fitted with shelves to increase their versatility. (binders, books, paper storage, etc…)

  • Floor/ceiling space: between 2m and 4.5m
  • Spinning top from (min) 2 BOX, up to 5 Boxes, or more
  • Installed almost against a wall: 58 cm from the wall
  • Installed in a screen: space requirement of 80 cm radius
  • Materials: Lacquered Iron
  • Assembly Required
  • Design: Alliages Design

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2 Box, 3 Box, 4 Box, 5 Box, 6 Box