Vivian.m.l.3 – Vivian mirror

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H 92 L 109 W 12 cm / Wood, brass, blue glass and mirror
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Vivian.m.l.3 – Vivian mirror

A mirror with a jewellery shelf. An elegant and precious complement that can highlight an entrance hall, a bedroom or a bathroom. Vivian mirror is ideal for home environments of elegant hotel rooms, for mirroring, makeup pr to guard your perfume. The mirror, made with a sheet of coloured glass, crosses the brass box shelf, creating interesting plays of light and transparency. Two containers for jewels are made of matt lacquered wood in various colours.

  • Dimension: H 92 L 109 W 12 cm
  • Materials: Wood, brass, blue glass and mirror
  • No assembly required
  • Design: Accardi Buccheri
  • Manufacturer: Medulum

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