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Officine Morelli


edoardo.morelli // is a signature in the fields of the design, the decoration and interior design. His background between industrial design, showrooms and laboratories has shaped his professional status, completing and integrating the architectural project. His professional activity makes him develop a high attention for finishings with constructive particulars, availing of the consolidated collaboration with high quality craftsmanships.

From this well-established background his design experience raises: a story that begins both with the passion for a constant research of the detail, both for the necessity to give to the client a high level custom product.

officine.morelli //, the content where know-hows are conveyed, fulfills the exigencies that the current market is not able to offer, making concrete the decision of a serial production of design elements which take inspiration from ages of ad hoc studies.

This path gave life to light.up plaques //; an element which encloses in a single object the value of all the applied materials, carefully selected after long researches. A design able to communicate with contemporary solutions and ancient contexts, a unique production, a result of the extremely accurate work of artisans.

Large-scale production necessitated a refined study on personalization possibilities, a fundamental aspect in order to give a unique experience to the client. The plaques can be provided with a huge range of finishings and materials, personalized engravings and two choices of switches: toggle switches and push-button switches, adaptable to any context.

officine.morelli // aspires to create a new line of accessory elements to complete organically the renovation of a house. It serves architects, professionals and companies whose aim is to soften the visual impact and to elevate the classical anti-aesthetic furniture, such as switch plaques and ventilation shafts.
It strongly differs from existing and commercial products and, defining itself as high level niche product, it only looks to who’s seeking for high quality and who wants to enhance recognizability and uniqueness as the added value of the whole project.

Officine Morelli

Officine Morelli