‘Toupie’ Storage Column

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A Toupie is a storage column, whose elements ( BOX) rotate on an off-centre axis.
  • 2 Box
  • 3 Box
  • 4 Box
  • 5 Box

The name Toupie evokes a toy, but also entertainment, almost a sport, an art of spinning, mastering rotation and maintaining balance.
Today, a Toupie is a storage column, whose elements rotate on an off-center axis.
Once installed, thanks to the fact that its axis is off-center, the TOUPIE can be given a vertical linear shape, or other geometric shapes in space, and rotate them according to its desires.


The Toupie can be customized (colour, matt, satin or structured colour).

  • Floor/ceiling space: between 2m and 4.5m
  • Spinning top from (min) 2 BOX, up to 5 Boxes, or more
  • Installed almost against a wall: 58 cm from the wall
  • Installed in a screen: space requirement of 80 cm radius
  • Materials: Lacquered Iron
  • Assembly Required
  • Design: Alliages Design

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2 Box, 3 Box, 4 Box, 5 Box