PalermoUno Designers

Designer 2019

Adriana Jaroslavsky


Adriana Jaroslavsky is a multidisciplinary designer originally from Venezuela based in London.

She researches the interaction of colors and spaces, exploring how these can elevate our senses and, in turn, create incredible aesthetic experiences.

“I am constantly looking for a way to generate feelings through my work.”

Architecture and interior spaces are some of her greatest inspirations and passions, since it is within these very personal spaces that we create our stories: the narration of our lives and our feelings.

She plans to translate everything and everything that cannot be translated into words, as well as to give life to all the things that they can.

Her goal is to find a bridge that connects art and design, to strengthen her practice and her love for creation, and to give back to his community and anyone who can get in touch and react from it.

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