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Foris l’origine delle idee is a Made in Italy brand born from LE+D – Light Engineering + Design – a company that operates in the field of luxury lighting related to the world of retail, wellness and hospitality. The desire to create unique objects in which the know-how and technology of LE+D merge with innovative design led Cristina Serra and Alvise Tormene, respectively CEO and president of the group, to found the Foris brand in 2016.

In the heart of the brand’s philosophy is the culture of light, the desire to transmit the importance of the light source not as a simple furnishing element but as a real object of light that has the task of highlight the space and the elements that make it up through the synergy between the material and the vibration of the light that flows on it.

Starting from the passion of the founders for art and the solid experience of LE+D in the field of lighting through LED technology, Foris l’origine delle idee proposes luminous objects that interpret the concept of interaction between the person and the lamp. The possibility to orient, position and adjust the elements that compose it allows a highly personalized use of the product.

The advice consulting is a distinctive feature of the brand that offers tailor-made light objects, studying every detail based on the environment in which they will be placed. Each product is unique and the result of the work of a team composed of experts in the lighting sector and local artisans who work the raw materials: wood, leather, metal.

The customization of the product is also possible within the e-commerce website, online since July 2020, through the choice of finishes and different declinations of the lamps with the support of a dedicated person in all phases of design, until delivery.

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