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Diego Zanchettin – soul, creator and founder of MEDULUM, a new design furniture brand, has made his experience in the family business for more than twenty years, where he learned the artisan techniques of woodworking and the secrets of this raw material, so lively and versatile.

His continuous training as an interior designer led him to leave his beloved Venice and to seek collaborations with Milan studios and designers with whom he shared important residential and commercial projects.

Thanks to these multiple experiences, Diego realizes the dream he has long held in his drawer: creating uncommon objects, with a strong personality, that are able to stand out from industrial productions – that is how MEDULUM was born in 2017.

In this mission, Diego collaborates with designers to offer them his experience, his love for wood – in all its facets and his desire to explore and try new techniques. These collaborations have led to the birth of refined objects, manually finished one by one.

Diego – together with the designers and artistic directors of MEDULUM Mauro Accardi and Silvia Buccheri and with the contribution of Luca De Bona and Dario Demeo from Studio DebonaDemeo, Viviana Degrandi, Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica from Studio Cara \ Davide, aims to tell the art of manual design, giving concreteness to the imagination, transforming an idea into a real object.

Diego’s desire is to reach an audience that knows how to appreciate and enhance these specific peculiarities, presenting the products and their philosophy – fruit of continuous study.

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