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Milanese, born in 1973, attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. It is among the makers among the most innovative of these years and a successful entrepreneur.

He opened his own company, Glab Milan, in 2000, presenting a new collection of furniture e furnishing. The materials he prefers are metals in all of them
declinations, worked with different technologies from the oldest to the most modern. For the first time, craftsmanship openly confronts technology in a project by unique and customized pieces that leave open the possibility of repeating the production without lose the uniqueness. In this way, the icons that characterize the come back in new vision and vitality history of furniture.

The works are enriched with insertions in wood, leather, parchment, fabric, stucco, lacquering, also thanks to the experience in the field of restoration.
In the following years, the collection was enriched with woods, lacquering and others techniques, derived from the world of antiques, that Davide knows well and has experienced since the beginning of his career.

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