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Kast Concrete Basins


Tim Bayes / Founder and Creative Director of Kast Concrete Basins

Lowinfo was founded 15 years ago when London-trained fine art graduate Tim Bayes began exploring ways of using concrete in contemporary interiors. This ‘liquid stone’ is strong, durable, aesthetically pure and thus the ideal material for interior surfaces. Getting concrete right is all about fine-tuning the mix, and it has been Tim’s unique blend of the relentless pursuit of design excellence combined with years of careful research and development in manufacturing that has grown lowinfo into a company so sought-after by architects and designers alike.

lowinfo’s Kast range of basins is the product of this wealth of experience in getting the most from the concrete form. Tim and the Lowinfo team have been experimenting and refining basins for over a decade and now in Kast his superb design detailing, precision blend of admixtures and optimised internal structure perfectly combine to bring a flexible and sublime range of highly durable basin products.

Tim has built up a specialist factory in the UK to manufacture all lowinfo ranges to very high specifications. His team of designers and fabricators are continually innovating to offer a huge range of surface finishes and tints, pushing the envelope of how concrete can be utilised and striving to impart the artistic vision into each and every product.

Kast Concrete Basins Products