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Marie-Lise Féry

Marie-Lise Féry

Marie-Lise Féry

Magic Circus Éditions founder Marie-Lise Féry was born in Paris. After studying art business, she moved to New York to start her career.

Fascinated by the city’s architecture, she found an endless source of inspiration in the Big Apple’s monumental decors. Returning to France to settle down in Lyon, she opened an antiques gallery named Un Château en Espagne, and started telling her own stories through objects she gleaned on markets all around the country.

A way for her to perpetuate her mother’s motto: “Objects with a soul will always belong”. Since 2015, the year she established Magic Circus Éditions, she has moved on to lighting as a new medium for telling her stories, bringing the magic of the show into home interiors. With her love for the circus, turn-of-the century cabarets and music halls, Marie-Lise Féry’s love of unusual objects has remained strong, but now prefers to focus her attention on pieces she has imagined herself.
With a fun and light-spirited approach, she creates a bold visual effect that elicits instant attraction. She collaborates with some of Europe’s greatest artisans, from Prague and Murano to Clermont-Ferrand, working for instance with a Czech company specialising in sculpting glass using a diamond-blade saw, or an auto body shop renowned for their work with lacquers.

The refinement of shapes and finishes, bespoke designs and technical excellence all contribute to creating pieces that inspire surprise and wonderment. In the manner of Wes Anderson in Grand Budapest Hotel, blending together elegance, humour and unexpected details, her designs never fail to surprise.
Attentive to the effect of her designs both in daylight and at night, Marie-Lise Féry takes us on a journey through space (from outside to inside) and time (from yesterday to today).

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