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Utkan Günerkan

DESIGN + FOODTALKS⁠ ⁠ with Utkan Günerkan /@utkang
Utkan Günerkan is an Istanbul-born architect based in Milan. A postgraduate in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, Utkan set up his studio in Milan in 2017 and since then, he is working simultaneously in Italy and Turkey. He always have a tendency for new virtual creative processes that brought him opportunities to work. His imagination reveals a universe of colors that brings curiosity and emotions. He believes memories are an important factor in forming visual preferences, so his designs are always based on the client’s past.⁠
Utkan Günerkan imagines a vivid universe in which thoughtful use of color sparks ecstasy, curiosity, and every emotion in between. Though most of his projects are conceptual, the fresh-faced Turkish architect shows a promising command of how radiant color uplifts the human psyche, devising optimistic, dream-like environments that glisten with energy and enthusiasm.⁠
“What can be seen in almost all of my designs are the swooping arches, circles, and smooth corners – I am trying to create spaces where their shapes and colors provoke the memories of childhood.”⁠
Here is what he prepared for you:
Here is what she prepared for you:

Warm Hummus Topped with Crispy Pastirma

Chickpeas (If you want more creamy, you can peel of the skins)
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh garlic
Ground cumin and salt
Olive Oil
Pastirma (Dried meat)
Pine nuts
Chili powder

You need a good food processor to mix all the ingredients first;

– Tahini and lemon juice first go into a thick paste
– On top all the ingredients go in one by one and let it mixed 30 seconds for each ingredient.
– I added cold water twice just if you want to make hummus more fluffy.

After it’s done.
For the optional topping,
– Small piece of butter on a medium temperature, cook dried meats on each sides 30 seconds.
– Than add the pine nuts for extra 30 seconds, you can also add additional chili powder on top.