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Tomer Nachshon

DESIGN + FOODTALKS⁠ with Tomer Nachshon / @nachshon.workshop
NACHSHON is a furniture design house from Haifa, Israel, with a deep-rooted belief in the value of craft and craftsmanship.
Tomer Nachshon is an Israeli architect and designer. He founded the studio in his family workshop, right after his studies.
While growing up he absorbed there the love and understanding of materials and technics which are applied today on the different products.
The combination of architectural knowledge and the physical work enables constant iterations between different scales and points of view.
We aim to design aesthetic and precise furniture, while implementing the understanding of materials, Technics and the human needs.
We aspire to create furniture that last for generations and are part of a long-life cycle.
Simultaneously, they can fit in any scenario and in different atmospheres.
We balance between classic international design to our contemporary and local point of view, as well as combining traditional materials with new Technics and technologies.
We give the utmost attention to the materials which we work with and to its natural characterization.
Every furniture in our collection holds a story – from the first inspiration through production and the complete creation. ⁠
Here is what he prepared for you:
Sun-dried tomato bread
This is a bread I am making when I need to work on something difficult
There reason is that you need to take a small action every given time – which will make you take a bread, and of course – in the end – there is nothing like warm bread that just got out of the oven.

And please don’t forget the butter.
Ingredients Sun-dried tomato bread:
2 cups white flour
3 cups whole flour
A handful of oatmeal
200 gr of whole sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
2 spoons of brown sugar
Teas spoon of salt
3-4 cups of warm water

– Add one up of warm water to the yeast in a cup – let it work for about 20 min
– Mix the flour with the yeast, oat meal, sun-dried tomatoes including its oil, salt and sugar
– Gradually add water until the mixture is sticky – the most water in the mixture – the fluffier the loaf will be
– Let sit for about 90 min
– Pre-heat the oven on 180 degrees
– Re-work the dough gently – puffing out some of the air in it, and form into two loafs of bread on the tray which is going later into the oven. Leave the dough to rise again for about 45 min
– Get the second- raised loafs into the pre-heat oven for about 45 min
– Let loafs cool for 20 min
Enjoy your meal!