PalermoUno Designers



As a team of skilled Italian artists, painters and high-end artisans, we’ve been active internationally for over 15 years.

We master a vast repertoire of high-end decorative techniques : coatings and lacquers, fine marble and wood replicas, trompe-l’oeils and frescoes. Everything is done by hand, with utmost care and with our distinctive imaginative flair.

Our hand-painted decorations come in a variety of collections, each available for customisation. In our constant quest for artistic evolution, we like to experiment with materials, textures and colours to broaden our creative horizons, finding new exciting ways to express our inventive sensibility.

Our team’s dedication, dynamism and flexible attitude, our hands-on, versatile expertise can accommodate for a wide range of projects, where unusual environments and on-site conditions, as well as the need for unconventional techniques, challenge us to find the ideal solution for every customers’ demand. Their individual requirements are always at the core of every single project, which takes shape through mutual respect and understanding. Using sketches, drawings, graphics renders and samples, we provide a creative experience where every phase is shared and discussed, until its final beautiful results.

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